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Sri Sakthi Vinayagar Temple, Ampang (Selangor)

February 03,2012  IST


Temple History : This graceful temple is famous for it's history of the Lord Vinayagar statue. It was built as a shrine 90 years ago, by the Indian residents of Ampang. Initially, the only visitors to the temple were bus drivers who passed the temple en route to Ampang zoo. These ardent devotees would break a coconut, light camphor for a safe journey, and resume their duties. As the temple did not have many followers, the bus drivers wanted more devotees to be present at this solitary temple. They took a cement statue of Lord Vinayagar from an abandoned temple, and placed the newly found statue in the shrine. They then claimed that the statue was unearthed below the earth of the shrine. This attracted hundreds of devotees to this temple, as many were eager to obatain the darshan of the miraculous Lord Vinayagar.

Lord Vinayagar is ever present in this temple, performing mischievous lila's on his dedicated devotees. Recently, a Japanese expatriate who did not have an inkling of Hindu gods and goddesses, had a miraculous dream of a Lord Vinayagar. It seems that Lord Vinayagar instructed him to bring a tray of offerings and proceed to Ampang. The Japanese expatriate vividly described his dream to his Malaysian colleagues, and was advised to go to the Vinayagar temple in Ampang. Arriving at the temple, he was dumb founded on how to proceed, and requested guidance from the temple priest. The temple priest came to his rescue, and arranged for a coconut archanai to be performed. The Japanese expatriate was satisfied with the prayer, nevertheless was truly surprised at his spiritual instruction from Lord Vinayagar. Although Lord Vinayagar is renowned to be a bachelor, he often blesses his devotees with marital union. Once, a devotee had come to this temple after a bitter break-up with her fiancée. She pleaded with her ishta deivam to support her through this difficult time. The very next day, she had left to India for a spiritual pilgrimage. Astonishingly, she met someone else on this pilgrimage, and the both of them fell in love. The sacred unification of this amazing couple took place in the very temple that had blessed her matrimonial passage. Ever since, she has been a regular devotee to this temple, and is always contributing towards the upkeep of this glorious temple.

Temple Address: Sri Sakthi Vinayagar Temple,

Jln Kabus, Kuala Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone : 019-2242504

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