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Teacher and Student- Explanation by an Indian Scholar

May 16,2013  IST


London: Dr Rajendra Kumar is the course leader for MBA program at London School of Commerce, London, UK. for the last 8 years. He has been a teacher for the last fourteen years and has taught over thousands of students from all over the World.
He received the student led teaching fellowship and the most outstanding tutor award for the year 2012 from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. He was brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and graduated from University of Madras. He is the first one to be awarded the PhD from the Department of Public Administration, Presidency College, Chennai. This is the short interview with Dr. Kumar.
DR. Rajendra Kumar, can you give us some brief biographical information?
Primary School – St Mary’s School – Saidapet; Secondary School – Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School
Academic Qualification: PhD (Public Administration) – University of Madras; M.Phil (Public Administration) – University of Madras; P.G. Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management – Rajaji College of Communication &Management; M.A (Public Administration) – University of Madras; M.B.A. (Specialising in Marketing) – The International University, Missouri, U.S.A.,; B.Sc. (Chemistry) – University of Madras.

I am Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, London and Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Consulting, London.
What has made you to choose the teaching profession rather than to do anything else?
I was a hard core marketing professional and after receiving my doctorate I decided to shift to academics. My experience in the corporate world has immensely helped my profession in teaching. Moreover I come from a family of teachers; all my maternal uncles are teachers. My grandfather founded a school in India several decades back in Kerala.
Who is your role model/s in your profession and why?
There are many role models in life but to name a few: 1) Dr Baratan who was my teacher on my MBA program, 2) Mr Ravi Shankar who was my teacher on my MA, 3) Mr Manian and Mr Chakrapani on the Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Program at  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Rajaji College of Communication and Management, 4) Dr S. Dinakaran who was my supervisor on the MPhil and PhD programme at Presidency College, Chennai.
One thing all these role models have in common is the ability to explain concepts and theories with elements of humour as their teaching has still left an imprint in my mind.
What is the most challenging task in your profession?
Constantly updating knowledge to keep up is a challenging task and I find that professional membership helps at times.
What is your view on the academic set up in UK and in India?
The academic setup in UK is more practice oriented, whereas in India the emphasis is more on theory rather than practical application.
What is your short term and long term goals in this profession?
I wish to be a good role model and inspire my students through my leadership role.
What is the difference between the “teacher” and “student” inside you?
The teacher in me believes in imparting knowledge to one and all. The student in me has the quest for knowledge as I believe learning is an ongoing and infinite process, as no one claim to know everything.
What makes you to migrate to UK and your advice to local community students?
For me Chennai was the end of the world and I later realised one should not have ‘the frog in the well’ attitude which only promises confinement within boundaries and barriers. There is only one life and one should seize the opportunity to explore the world. My main advice to students (in India) is to study at least one programme outside India in order to mingle with international students so that they are open to knowledge of different cultures and values. This will help them they work in the multicultural environment, Should they go on work in multinational and global firms in future.
What is your view on the developing markets of India?
The future is with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and India will be one of the key players in the next ten to twenty years. India does not have an ageing population unlike China and is predicted to be in the top five largest economies of the world. As the third – largest economy in the world in PPP terms, India is a preferred destination for FDI today and the future of India is definitely bright.
What is your hobby or hobbies?
I enjoy reading a collection of genres from business magazines such as ‘The Economist’ to autobiographies of inspirational role models and books by Management gurus of the World.
During Holidays, I also enjoy travelling around the world, mainly within Europe but also to parts of Asia.

- Our Hony., Reporter Joanarc Jeyarani

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