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UK South India Business Meet

July 02,2013  IST


London: VIRENDRA SHARMA MP & British South India Chamber of Commerce are hosted 2nd  UK South India Business Meet at Houses of Parliament, West Minister, London, UK on 27th June 2013 from 10.00 AM to 5 PM BST.  The Business Meet involved the government, bureaucrats and businessmen from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and other guest states from India interacting alongside UK government agencies, Members of Parliament, Ministers, political leaders, and business organizations from UK.
The mission of BSICC is to
promote bilateral trade and investment possibilities between South India and the UK and also provide platform for companies and businessmen to meet, network, affiliate and of course ‘make trade happen’. The aspiration of this Chamber is to build a transparent Chamber with selective members who periodically meet with like minded individuals and discuss the impact and potential developments in various domains in today’s business world.

The Honorable Member of  Parliament (UK) Mr. Virendra Sharma has been the Chief Guest for this Launch who is also the chair of Indo-British business relations inaugurated this launch and invited businesses and community organizations to come forward for more bilateral trades between South India and UK by using this opportunity. NGOs, Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, auditors, Professors and many other community and organization representatives have come for this launch and exchanged their ideas and thoughts.
Sujit Nair.S - Director/ Chief Coordinator, British
South India Chamber of Commerce has played the role of the anchor for this event. Mr. Virendra Sharma MP has given the welcome address for this Business Meet. Following this Mr. Philip Abraham – Vice Chair of British South India Chamber of Commerce in Kerala has given a brief overview of the Organization and the activities. Followed this Mr. Gareth Roberts – Team Leader for India, Nepal and Bhutan, South Asia Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office gave an overview of UK – India relations. Than Mr Sadananda Nayak – Executive Director, Punjab National Bank (International) LTD gave the Lifeline to business. Mr. Steve O’Leary – Director Infrastructure, Life since & HVOs, Strategic trade – UK Trade & Investment has given Business opportunities in India in a British perspective.
Followed by Ms Deepa Suganthan – Solicitor and Indian Advocate, Silk Rout Legal gave an overview about Legal Consideration for Indian Business and individuals investing in the UK. The below VIPs were present in this event and greeted this Meet to be successful and celebrate the achievements of few individuals and organizations from South India who have not only made a huge difference to the lives of the people in the South India states and have also contributed to the economic development of their respective states.

  BSICC honored the list of VIPs names below:

Mr. Prithviraj Sukumaran and his wife Mrs.Supriya Menon honored by Chief Guest. The flim actor Mr. Prithviraj has given the message to IndoBritish investment in film industry. Mr. Virendra Sharma MP promised him will have a discussion about this investment. Mr. K. Lakshminarayana - Award for Excellence in Consultancy Services, he is Chief Consultant, Andhra Pradesh project facilitators & Consultancy Services LTD Mr. Ambica Darbar Bathi –Chairman of Ambica group of companies Mr. Anil Kumar Keralavarma & Mr. Sunil Kumar Pillai – Asset Homes PVT Ltd from Kerala Prof C.M.K. Reddy – Halsted Surgical Clinic, Chennai, TN – Life time achievement award Mr. Nordi - Property portal Mrs. Kamala Chandrasekaran – Mr & Mrs. Satish P Chandra– M D for Global Tech Park – Businessman of the Year award from South India Director of BSICC Continued the Endeavour to explored opportunities in Andhra Pradesh presented by Mr. K. Lakshminarayana.

Then Dr. Rajendra Kumar of UK Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce presented the Business opportunities in Tamil Nadu. Followed by Prof C.M.K. Reddy – Halsted Surgical Clinic, Chennai, TN did the presentation about the Health care industry opportunities in India.Mr. Siddharth Raja – Samvad partners, Bangalore, India gave an overview about of Indian legal landscape from an overseas perspective. Followed by Mr. Alexei levene- MD, Innovation Experience Kerala talked about Business opportunities in Kerala. Continued with Mrs. AchammaChandersekaran, Author talked about her book “Daughter of Kerala” and presented to the Chief Guest.Mr. Aurangzaib Chawla ACCA-Senior Accountant, Lanop Accountants gave an overview about accounting practice in the UK. Than Mr. K.C. Janardhan – Hon. Secretary, British Business Group, Bangalore did the presentation about business opportunities in Karnataka.

Finally Dr. Anand Ravikumar- UKTNCC gave an overview about Pondicherry business opportunities.

This event was ended with theVote of Thanks by Mr Jacob Ravibalan – Founder Member of UKTNCC at 5 PM and theTea party followed after that.

- Our Hony., Reporter Joanarc Jayarani

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