3,000 Indian nationals joyously participated in the 70th Indian Independence Day celebrations at the Indian Embassy premises, Kuwaith and Ambassador Sunil Jain unfurled the tri-colour National Flag


Krishna Jeyanthi in HongKong


Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath (JEDDAH) celebrated 70th Independence Day of India by donating blood at the King Fahad Hospital


70th Independence Day in Hong Kong was celebrated with the Consul General Puneet Agrawal in the Indian Consulate in Hong Kong who took office just two weeks back.


HongKong Children Cultural Group has produced its 4th Radio programme for RTHK DAB31 with folk music from all regions of India.


Australia Tamil Cultural Society organised annual celebration night on 30 July 2016. There were variety of performances ranging from skits, singing and dancing to debating.


Hong Kong Book Fair

Hong Kong Book Fair was a family affair to all the Hong Kong residents.  The fair attracted more than 9 lakh people both adults and children.

Sudarshana Maha Yagna in Newjercy

The Art of Living Foundation in New Jersey, USA had a great opportunity to host a grand Sri Sudarshana Maha Yagna 

11 women in their bridal costumes

In HongKong, Magalir Mattum event, 11 women in their bridal costumes of various states of India, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.  

Indian Instrumental Programme in Hong Kong Arts Festival

It was indeed a great weekend for Indian music in Hong Kong. The showcase of our Indian Traditional instruments of Veena, Violin, Sitar, Mridangam, Ghatam and Tabla in the 44th Hong Kong International festival was really a feast to around 460 Hong Kong international music lovers at City Hall of Hong Kong. 

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70th Indian Independence Day celebrations in

Kuwaith: Despite extremely hot summer, approximately 3,000 Indian nationals joyously participated in the 70th Independence Day celebrations at the Indian Embassy premises. The function started with the unfurling of the tri-colour National Flag by Ambassador Sunil Jain and the singing of the National Anthem. Thereafter, Ambassador read out Hon’ble President’s Address to the Nation. The Bohra Community band played a variety of marching ...

September 06,2016  IST


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  • Krishna Jeyanthi in HongKong
  • Indian Independence Day Blood Donation Camp in Jeddah
  • 70th Indian Independence Day in Hong Kong
  • Indian folk Music in HongKong
  • Hong Kong Book Fair
  • Sudarshana Maha Yagna in Newjercy
  • Singapore National Award to Tamil Student

Hindu Temple and Cultural Center,

Temple History :The history of Hindu community in Nebraska dates back to the early 1970’s when engineers and their families immigrated from India to the Omaha area. These Hindu immigrants initially conducted the practices of their faith in their own homes. In the mid 1970’s, there was a second wave of immigrants from India to the Lincoln and Omaha area. A majority of these men and women were ...

October 26,2008  IST


Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

Sri Senpaga Vinayagar TempleThe Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple at Ceylon Road, which started in the mid-19th century, was re-built and consecrated in 2003. Some interesting features include the Rajagopuram entrance tower which features the Chola style of architecture. The Cholas were the greatest temple builders in the history of India. In the main hall is the temple’s most unique feature: four granite pillars with eight ...

June 09,2008  IST


Nainativu Sri Nagapooshani Amman Kovil in

HISTORY : This temple is one of the few places of worship in the world that had withstood the vicissitudes of historical events that occurred around its location over some millennia in the past. Further, very probably, this is the most ancient of the places of worship in the whole of Sri Lanka. It was originally established some thousands of years ago by the Nagas (Serpent/Dragon race of people) who were a branch of a pre-historic, probably ...

June 06,2008  IST


Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam ,

History : Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam had its humble beginnings in the mid 1900 as an informal gathering of the early Tamil migrants from the Karambakkudi Taluk in Tamil Nadu, comprising of some 40 odd small villages. They called themselves, 'Karambakkudi Thiruvalluvar Tamil Valarchik Kazhakam'. They assisted the early Tamil migrants to settle down and establish themselves in Singapore. They rented a premise in 103, Rowell Road and converted the 2 nd storey into a temporary boarding house. A Thirukkural book retrieved from this premise indicates that they had already set up a library prior to 1949. Apart from assisting the early Tamil migrants settle-down; they actively campaigned against alcoholism amongst its members. They ...

June 26,2012  IST



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