Siruvar Malar, Vaaramalar and Anmiga Malar

Dinamalar was the first to launch magazines in book form. Its Siruvar Malar on Fridays brings young children entertaining and educative content including mythological tales in interesting formats. Its Sunday supplement, Vaaramalar is highly popular and has engaging content for families. Anmiga Malar on Saturdays provides information related to the spiritual and acts as a useful guide to various places of worship.

varamalar siruvarmalar anmigamalar
Positions B/ W
Print Area
cm x cm
Full Page 145,000 185,000 23 x 15
Full Page Bleed 145,000 185,000 26 x 17
Half Page
72,500 110,000 11.5 x 15
Half Page
72,500 110,000 23 x 7.5
Strip Advt
25,000 40,000 3 x 15
Cover Pages
- 200,000 26 x 20
- 350,000 23 x 32
Spread Bleed
- 350,000 26 x 34

Full page bleed size 26 cm x 17cm
Centre spread bleed size 26cm x 34cm

Split Run
Dinamalar offers split runs for magazine cover pages (colour only) at the following rates
Madurai - Rs. 60,000
Coimbatore - Rs. 60,000
Chennai - Rs. 50,000
Pondicherry - Rs. 30,000

Material must be submitted 15 days before the date of issue of the respective magazine and should be in accordance with the stated specifications.

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