நீட் விவகாரத்தை அரசியலாக்குவது சரியா?

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  1. Dr Kannan

    Dr Kannan

    Yaadum Voorae,யூ.எஸ்.ஏ

    15-ஜூன்-2018 04:32:53 IST

    This question is a it tricky In a democratic governance politics is by the people for the people and of the people. BJP made it a policy without any evidence base.. that is politics of surrering to lobby group (coaching centres and ill-informed pseudo educationalists). The affected people must seek solution through political pressure only. Majority of the citizens, other than lobby groups, strongly believe that NEET is counter-productive to the good intention of the PM and your Government. NEET affects millions of middle, low-income and rural families and students in terms of expensive coaching and tremous pressure. Unlike any other policy, NEET has a wider ramification among majority of the voters and potentially damaging to the BJP Government. Let me briefly present the case. Conceptual confusions: There are conceptual problems with the current public policy of NEET a. NEET will destroy the quality of medical education by ignoring the academic scores b. NEET works against the social justice commitment of the PM and the Government, by encouraging expensive coaching for NEET. First, the Year 12 mark is achieved after 12 years of tematic education both under the CBSE or other State syllabuses. Do the academic world and educationalists say that the CBSE and State Schools are incompetent to rank the students merit for medical entrance and the year 12 ranks and marks are useless? Do they also proclaim that NEET score (a three-hours test), tutored mostly by NEET coaching centres, are superior to the comprehensive year 12 exams mark? If that is the case, should we then abolish the grade 12 exams altogether and use an objective type NEET as the best outcome than the school teaching? By ignoring the Year 12 marks, we are ing doubt about the quality of education we provide through CBSC and other State Schools. We also destroy the importance of and motivation for the year 12 studies. Eminent educational institutions and academics across the globe have been considering the year 12 or other academic marks as a primary score for medical school admissions in the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and others. What do the educational researches reveal about the impacts of entrance tests? Studies conducted in the USA, Australia, Europe and other countries indicated that a higher score in Year 12 or equivalent academic qualifications are strong predictors of academic performance in medical school through graduation. The conclusion is year 12 or equivalent school marks are the best indicator of quality of better medical students than written test like NEET. Entrance test has negligible impact on improving the quality of medical education. Then why so much waste of time and money by poor parents? Why unnecessary pressure on our students and parents? Research evidence strongly support the view that NEET like tests will destroy the quality of our medical education as it is based on NEET scoring ONLY. NEET must be abolished because for no reason it cost more to parents and students and put them to unwanted pressures. NEET also destroys the social justice and works against rural and poor students. I am sure, BJP government and PM will abolish the most unpopular policy among students and parents of middle and low income and restore the Government commitment on social justice. The appropriate policy options include: a. For the 85% quota to the State Medical Schools, NO NEED FOR NEET and let the States use the Year 12 mark for merit ranking. With computerised ranking the corruption can be eliminated. b. For the 15% National quota, a weighted score of Year 12 mark and a common entrance test. This will eliminate multiple entrance tests. c. For all private Medical Universities and Colleges, the admission must be strictly based on Merit list prepared by the Government using the Grade 12 marks. Jake Sullivan (Yale University and Advisor to Mrs Clinton) stated that “public policy involves imperfect people, with imperfect information, facing deeply imperfect choices - so it's not surprising that they're getting imperfect results”. NEET is a typical example of an imperfect policy. Its seems NEET 'policy is designed by spin doctors who aim to keep our heads below the water with their self-serving agas that prevailed over common sense' (a quote taken from American Author Marilyn Ferguson).

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  2. Ab Cd

    Ab Cd

    Dammam,சவுதி அரேபியா

    13-ஜூன்-2018 09:24:38 IST

    அரசியல் மூலமாகவே தீர்வு காண முடியும். பீகாருக்கு ஒரு மாதிரியும் தமிழ் நாட்டை வேறுமாதிரியும் கையாளுவதை தடுக்க முடியும்

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தவறு (16 Comments)
  1. Mani Ramalingam

    Mani Ramalingam


    14-ஜூன்-2018 18:43:23 IST

    ஏழ்மையாய் உள்ள பிள்ளைகள் நல்ல மதிப்பெண்கள் பெற்றும் அவர்களால் இந்த நீட் விஷயத்தில் ஒன்றும் பண்ண முடிய வில்லை பாவமாக உள்ளது ?????

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  3. Coimbatore



    14-ஜூன்-2018 16:20:20 IST

    NEET is a must for getting into medical colleges. Opposition parties are waiting for some issues to run their show. All political parties are selfish, none will think about students futures.

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  4. Sadasivan Kulaikather

    Sadasivan Kulaikather


    14-ஜூன்-2018 15:13:04 IST


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  5. Siva_Muscat



    14-ஜூன்-2018 14:39:14 IST

    அறுபத்தேழுக்கும் ரெண்டாயிரத்து பதினெட்டுவுக்கும் வித்யாசம் தெரியாமல் அரசியல் செய்கிறார்கள்.

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  6. Casb Balchandhar

    Casb Balchandhar


    14-ஜூன்-2018 14:28:54 IST

    TN must come forefront in education and employment. But political parties want students of TN should always be chamchas of their party.People of TN must throw these to bay of Bengal.

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  7. Poongavoor Raghupathy

    Poongavoor Raghupathy


    14-ஜூன்-2018 12:05:53 IST

    There should not any compromise in education policies if at all our Country has to survive and improve. The Govt must find out the ways and means to help the deserving candidates to compete in this Exams.

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  8. Devanatha Jagannathan

    Devanatha Jagannathan


    14-ஜூன்-2018 10:41:27 IST

    எதிரி கட்சி அரசியல் பிழைப்புக்காக என்ன வேணா செய்வாங்க.

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    13-ஜூன்-2018 14:21:01 IST

    நீட் தேர்வ மாணவர்கள் ஒரு சவாலாக எடுத்துக்கொள்ள வேண்டும்.இதில் அரசியல் வரக்கூடாது.

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  10. amirthalingam



    13-ஜூன்-2018 14:11:34 IST

    எனது மகள் நல்ல மார்க் எடுத்தும் நீட் தேர்வில் குறைவான மார்க் . காரணம் +1 பாடத்தை முழுமையாக படிக்காமல் +2 பாடத்தை மட்டும் படித்தால் தான் இந்த நிலைமை . நீட் தேர்வு வினாக்கள் மருத்துவர் தகுதிக்கான வினாக்கள் .நீட் தேர்வு இல்லை என்றால் என் மகளுக்கு மருத்துவ சீட் கிடைத்து இருக்கும் . ஆனால் நல்ல மருத்துவர் ஆவாரா என்றால் ஆம் என்று கூற இயலாது . சுய நலம் இல்லாமல் பொது நலத்தோடு நீட்டை வரவேற்கிறேன் .

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  11. Arasu



    13-ஜூன்-2018 13:37:13 IST

    இனி நீட் தவிர்க்க முடியாதது. இன்ஜினீரிங் சீட்டுக்கு இது போல் வரவேண்டும்

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