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What do I do if instead of Indian language text, I see boxes (as given below) or question marks?
Indian language text is displayed but some words are not formed properly?
  Following are the solutions for displaying Indian languages correctly
  a. You should first enable/install the Indic (Windows Files for Indian Language Display).
    Click here to enable Indic for Windows XP & above
    Click here to enable Indic for Windows 2000
  b. Site will be best viewed using the browsers:
  - Internet Explorer 6.0 & above
  - Firefox 1.5 & above
    Note: In case you have an older version of Internet Explorer or Firefox update it to version mentioned above.
  c. Below are the supported Operating Systems that allows you to display Indian Language Text:
 Languages Operating System
Gujarati Windows XP and above
Hindi Windows 2000 and above
Kannada Windows XP and above
Malayalam Should be Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Essential)
Punjabi Windows XP and above
Telugu Windows XP and above
Tamil Windows 2000 and above
  Enable Indic for Windows XP & above
  Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Date, Time, Language & Regional Options ->Regional & Language Options->Languages Tab-> (Tick the Install files for complex scripts...) and click OK.
  Click OK (Figure Below).
  You will require the Windows XP CD to enable Indic.
  Enable Indic for Windows 2000
  Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional Options ->Languages->Indic (tick the Indic) and click OK
  Click OK (Figure Below).
  You will require the Windows 2000 CD to enable Indic.

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