A Patriot Freedom fighter, Social- Conscious Philosopher and Self-made Champion Journalist. Born on the same date and month of Mahatma Gandhiji, the father of the Indian Nation.


1. The purpose of earning wealth by sweat and sufferings is to serve the needy and deserving.
2. " One of the objects of a Newspaper is to understand the popular feeling and give expression to it; The second is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments and The third is to expose fearlessly the popular defects."
- Mahatma Gandhiji

DINAMALAR Tamil daily was launched at Thiruvanthapuram on September 06, 1951. Ten Editions from :

   Tirunelveli (1957),
   Tiruchi (1966),
   Chennai (1979),
   Madurai (1980),
   Erode (1984),
   Pondicherry (1991),
   Coimbatore (1992),
   Vellore (1993),
   Nagercoil (1996)
   Salem (2000)

Dinamalar is continuing to grow from 3000 copies per day in 1951 to 5,82,000 copies per day in 2005

5,82,000(±) copies published daily.

Most popular among upper and upper-middle class and educated intelligenzia.

Hot and First news on local happenings with good proportion of International reports.

Popular in Metros but most popular in Non Metro cities and Suberbs.

Very Low cost per thousand rate for Consumables and Consumer durables.

Strictly Consicous reporting and fearlessly exposing social defects and perpetrators.

Renowned for social awakening and public causes.

Non-Aligned to any political party or religion.

Trend setter of weekly supplements to attract a wide cross-section of population captivating :- Sundaynna Rendu: Every Sunday Two Dinmalar comes out. It contains a variety of subjects: Halo Thozhiye for women; Hai Students, a guidelines to students; Halo Doctor with useful medical tips; Iniya Illam, regarding home building;

Book worms : Puthaga Mathipurai is devoted to Book reviews.

Millionaire to Billionaire : " Varthaga Seithikal " is Daily on investment atmosphere especially share market.

Chummy with city-zens : " Nagar Malar " on Saturdays zooms in on intracity problems and events with microscopic details. Every city dweller will be eager to read the reports.

Farmer friendly : The back-bone and most popular section fo Nation " Vivasaya Malar " on Wednesdays is a supplement covering the interests of farmers. The interior villages are attracted by this.

Chidren : On Fridays " Siruvar Malar " is published as supplement. This entertains and educates Children and attracts them.

Hollywood, Bollywood - Jollygood : " Thirai Malar " is the supplement on Fridays on Cine and allied activities. Popular with people in this field.

Relaxing Gentry : "On Sundays " VaraMalar " is the supplement. Designed for light reading and entertainment. Attracts and amuses readers.

Maids & Bachelors : Manamalai on Tuesdays publishes addresses of Girls and Boys looking for a life partner.

On line services:Using each and every recent technology Dinamalar widens it umbrella in other areas also. We have an online service form 1999, with 40 NRIs as our Reporters in various countries to cater the need of Foriegn Tamilians. For reference purpose we have given the list of Tamil sangams in abroad. Dinamalar on line service is being viewed by more than Two lakh persons from more than 190 countires.

Secondly we started International edition, which is available throughout world through vending machines in Airports, Departmental Stores and Hotels. You can get the printed version of Dinamalar on the same day itself. Moreover you can get the same from your computer also and get it as print out.

Thirdly e-paper. Most of our subscribers, even though they view our online services, they want to read the news which is in printed format to have the same look and feel. To cater that section of subscribers, we have introduced ePaper

Fourthly SMS New service. You can receive the latest news of the day or the cricket score by sending SMS from your mobile; From Dinamalar mobile corner you can get new ringtones and astrology details also.

There is as much and more for everybody in DINAMALAR

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