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One of the most efficient ways of human interaction is through speech. We have introduced an action for Dinamalar where the user can ask for the few categories by invoking 'Talk to Dinamalar' Keyword.

Dinamalar brings you the latest news from Tamil Nadu, World & Cinema news.

”Talk to dinamalar” is the invoking word for dinamalar that is one of the easiest to interact with and the get latest news.

You can say, "Ok google, Talk to Dinamalar". You will be hearing a list of topics. Choose your desired topic by saying the topic name.

To get started with Dinamalar action, Interact with “Talk to Dinamalar” and ask for the following:

Ok Google, Ask Dinamalar for cinema news

Ok Google, Ask Dinamalar to give me top five news

Ok Google, Ask Dinamalar for top market price

Ok Google, Ask Dinamalar for sports news

When the audio is playing, use the following commands to control the audio playback.

Ok Google, Stop

Ok Google, Resume

Ok Google, Exit from Dinamalar


Let me talk to Dinamalar

Talk to Dinamalar

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For iOS users: apple@dinamalar.in
For Android users: android@dinamalar.in

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