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February 28,2012  IST


About Us : The Hindu Tamil Cultural Association (Enfield) was formed with the motive of promoting the rich Hindu Tamil culture and traditions with a longer term objective of helping our Tamil community in the North and East of Sri Lanka.. For this objective, a place of worship was needed close to our community in Enfield. The inaugural pooja officiated by Sivasri Sachithantha Kurukkal and Sivasri Kamalanathan Kurukkal was held on 12 July 2002 with photo images of Lord Vinayagar, Nagapooshani Amman, Murugan, Vailli Theivanai. Following this, Kamalanathan Kurukkal was made the chief priest. Regular Friday poojas were conducted and held at Memorial Hall, Malden Road, Edmonton. Our first bronze idol Nagapooshani Amman’s initiation pooja was held on 25 October 2002.

We found a place of our own at 61-65 Church Lane, Edmonton. When we bought this property it was a light industrial workshop with showrooms. The building was modified to accommodate the deities, members of our organisation and volunteers worked hard to get the premises ready for consecration in less than 20 days. Our devotees and public helped us by way of finance and labour. We had a consecration ceremony on 5 September 2003 with Lord Vinayagar, Nagapooshani Amman, Sivalingam, Murugan, Valli, Theivanai, Thedchanamoorthy, Navakraka, Thevar and Vairavar. The Enfield Council has been very cooperative and accommodating in accepting us as a community organisation and the building as a place of worship. Our chief priest Kamalanatha Kurukkal and additional priest Umendra Kurukkal are part of the tireless team which brought the temple to the present glory.

Opening times : Mon, Wed, Thurs: 08:00am - 01:00pm; 05:00pm - 09:15pm

Fri, Sat, Sun: 08:00pm - 09:15pm

Tue: 06:30am - 09:15pm


61–65 Church Lane Edmonton, London N9 9PZ

Telephone : 0208 884 3333

Email : info@ambaal.org

Website : www.ambaal.org

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ஜனவரி 09,2020  IST


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