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Muthu Mariamman Temple, Muar (Johor)

October 26,2012 


Temple History : ‘Muthu’ is defined as pearl in English is the adjective given to this divine form of Goddess Amman. Many devotees pray to this village deity to remove chicken pox or small pox. Hence the adjective ‘Muthu’ is given whereby the gentle goddess takes the disease upon herself, relieving her devotees. A shrine dedicated to Goddess Muthumariaman was believed to have been built in Muar town more than 100 years ago. It was renovated in the 1930’s by prominent Hindu businessman of the town and established as a temple. Initially there was a ‘trisulam’ (three pronged trident) in the main sanctorum, but was replaced by a granite statue.

One of the founders of the temple, Mr.Subbayah was an ardent devotee of the Goddess, and had taken her to be his ‘Kula Deivam’ (ancestral deity). After his daily trip to the temple, only then would he begin his chores. Due to his fondness towards Goddess Mariamman, Mr.Subbayah was blessed with a vision of the deity. In this divine revelation, he was told by the Goddess that during the yearly ‘Kovil Thiruvila’ (temple festival), she was always paraded around the temple in a chariot. The trip had always made her tired, and she gracefully requested to build an ‘Oonjal’ (swing). This was to allow devotees to swing her on the ‘Oonjal’, and chant soothing lullabies that will let her sleep. After this vision, Mr.Subbayah immediately built the ‘Oonjal’, and initiated the ‘Oonjal’ ceremony. Goddess Muthumariamman is ever endearing to her loyal devotees, especially in crisis. Once, a lady devotee was quarrelling with her husband. After the verbal disparage, the lady devotee decided to spend the night at the temple. Unable to sleep at night, she had a dream of Goddess Mariamman patting her back, encouraging her to sleep, and reassuring that everything would be better the next day.

Temple Address: Muthu Mariamman Temple, Muar (Johor),

29, Jln Mohammadiah, 84000 Muar.

Telephone : 06-9515470

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