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December 11,2017 



Introduction & History

Established in 1995, Indian hut a brand name which was born from the ambitious mind- dream of two profound businessmen mr. Kulwat and mr.Amron Bhatia located at the heart of suriwong road - created a history in exclusive authentic fine dining indian cuisine until today, not only all over Thailand but across the globe.

About The Cuisine

As a pioneer and leader in the indian culinary industry, known for its authentic north indian cuisine & indian - chinese fusions, it comprises mainly food delicacies covering the state of punjab with mouth-watering and lips tempting griddles and grills which adds a unique taste to the ambience & atmosphere of this excotic culinary joint. thereafter, offering patrons the finest cuisine to yheir Palates with courteous service which you will only experience the moment you step into Indian hut

Accolades & Achievements

Awarded as 'The Best Indian restaurant' for the past consecutive years by Bangkok dining entertainment, Indian hut holds a unique image in itself- followed by trip advisor which has rated it to be the 'BEST Dining Place' making it successful in the relevant field of hospitality across Thailand

Let us pamper your taste buds with our innovative excellent selections and varied cuisines!!!

We look forward to your continued support and patronage of the Indian Hut.

Experience Five Star Dinning At An Affordable Price!!!

Fact Sheet

  • Established: 1995 (Awarded Best Indian Food Restaurant
  • Timings: 11:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs (last order 22.30 pm)
  • Meal Period: Lunch, Snacks & Dinner
  • Amenities: Full Bar, Private Dining Room, Party Hall (130 Pax), Free Parking
  • Type of Cuisine: Authentic Northern Indian Cuisine & Indian Chinese Food. Also specialized for Halal & Jain Food
  • Drinks: Full Bar with a wide range of cocktails and reasonably priced wines from, Australia, France; Chilean.
  • Signature Dishes: Prawn Tawa Masala, Tandoori Kebab Platter, Paneer Tikka, Lamb Biriyani, Lamb Roganjosh, Butter Chicken, Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makani& Stuffed Kulchas.
  • Reservations: Preferably for dinner time
  • Private Parking: Yes
  • Credit Cards: Visa, Master & Amex
  • Services: Catering for Wedding Celebrations, Corporate Events, Birthday Bash & Private Kitties
  • Best Indian Food Restaurant for 11 Consecutive Year  
  • Order Online Jain Food Available 



Mango Lassi- Mango flavoured yogurt drink. 

Lassi Meethi / Namkeen- Cool & creamy drink made of yogurt sweet or salted. 

Thandai- Cool drink made of almonds and milk.

Masala Chaach- Yogurt based drink served salted.

Pudina Jaljeera- Cool & refreshing drink made of mint.

Masala Nimbu Soda- A digestive drink made of lime soda.


Tomato Soup- The traditional tomato soup

Tamatar Aur Dhaniya Ka Shorba- A delicate soup of tomatoes, cumin and fresh coriander.

Chicken Shorba- A spiced consomme of fresh chicken with a lemony flavour.

Lamb Shorba- A spiced consomme of fresh lamb with a lemony flavour.

Prawn Shorba- A spiced consomme of fresh prawns with a lemony flavour.

Dal Shorba- Yellow lentil soup with garlic flavour.


Snacks / Tiny Bites


French  Fries

Masala Poppadams- Fried Indian crackers with vegetable toppings.

Roasted Poppadums- The universal favourite roasted indian crackers

Fried Poppadums- The universal favourite fried indian cracker.

Vegetable Pakora- Assorted deep fried vegetable fritters.

Paneer Pakora- Assorted deep fried cottage cheese fritters.

Hara Bhara Kabab- Deep fried vegetable cutlets with green peas.

Peanut Chaat- Fried peanuts with onions and tomato mix.

Kaju Chaat- Fried cashewnuts spiced with onions and tomato mix.

Vegetable Samosa- A savoury puff stuffed with potato masala.

Bhutta Kebab- Deep fried corn cutlets with cheese and herbs.

Non - Vegetarian

Chicken Samosa- A savoury puff stuffed with minced chicken.

Keema Samosa- A savoury puff stuffed with minced lamb.

Chicken Tikka Chaat- Chicken tikka tossed with onion slices and tomatoes.

Shrimp Chaat- Shrimps tossed with onion slices and tomatoes.

Amritsari Machhi- Deep fried fillet fish marinade in ajwain-flavoured.


Savory Snacks From The Streets Of India

Tawa Bharwan Aloo Tikki- Fried Mashed potatoes stuffed with masala mixed.

Papdi Chaat- A tangy mix of potatoes,fritters & chick peas.

Pani Poori- Mini deep fried dough balls with tangy dip.

Dahi Poori Chat- Mini deep fried dough balls with yogurt toppings.

Dahi Bhalla- Yellow lentils soft dumplings soaked in sweet yogurt.

Channa Bhatura- Spicy chick pea curry served with deep fried flat bread.


Vegetarian Entrees

Subz Seekh Kebab- Grilled minced green vegetables flavoured with fresh herbs.

Paneer Tikka- Grilled cubes of cottage cheese with yogurt marinade.

Tandoori Gobhi- Grilled cauliflower marinated with Indian masala.

Tandoori Salad- Assorted grilled vegetables marinated with exotic spices.

Tandoori Aloo- Grilled scooped potatoes stuffed with cashew nuts mix.

Vegetable Kebab Platter- An assortment of mixed vegetables barbequed in Tandoor.

Vegetable Kebab Platter- An assortment of mixed vegetables barbequed in Tandoor.

Non - Vegetarian Entrees

Tandoori Kebab Platter- An assortment of grilled chicken,lamb,fish & prawn.

Tandoori Kebab Platter- An assortment of grilled chicken,lamb,fish & prawn.



Tandoori Chicken- A Classic bony chicken marinated & finished in Tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken- A Classic bony chicken marinated & finished in Tandoor.

Chicken Tikka- Boneless chicken chunks barbequed in Tandoor.

Kalmi Kebab- Chicken thigh in cashew nuts marinade & barbequed.

Murg Malai Kebab- Creamy chicken cubes marinated and barbequed in Tandoor.

Tangari Kebab- Grilled chicken drumsticks in creamy marination.

Bhatti Ka Murg- Marinated chicken legs in hanged curd,cooked in Tandoor.

Chicken Seekh Kebab- Minced bone chicken thighs baked in Tandoor.


Boti Kebab Masala- Soft lamb pieces marinated with Indian spices.

Peshawari Seekh Kebab- Minced lamb marinated overnight with flavoured spices.


Tandoori Jheenga- Plump fresh prawns marinated & grilled in Tandoor.


Tandoori Pomfret- Whole Pomfret marinated in exotic spices.

Mahi Ajwaini Tikka- Chunks of fish marinated & barbequed in Tandoor.


Vegetarian Specialities

Paneer Manpasand

Fresh Homemade Cottage Cheese

Paneer Butter Masala- Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in tomato based sauce.

Paneer Lajawab- Cottage cheese cooked in home-made masala with tomatoes.

Paneer Do Pyaza- Home made paneer cooked with doubled onions and tomato.

Kadhai Paneer- Cottage cheese made with bell peppers in medium-spicy sauce.

Mutter Paneer- Cottage cheese cooked with green peas in a creamy sauce.

Palak Paneer / Corn- Cottage cheese/corn cooked in spinach gravy with fenugreek.

Paneer Methi Malai- Dices of cottage cheese served in a thick creamy sauce.

Panner Pasanda- Sandwiched cottage cheese slices in a creamy tomato sauce.

Paneer Khurchan- Grated cottage cheese cooked with onion, tomatoes and chopped bell pepper.

Subz Bahar

Aloo Jeera- Dish of potatoes stir fried with cumin seeds.

Aloo Jodhpuri- Dices of boiled potatoes cooked with cumin & fennel seeds.

Dum Aloo- Deep fried potatoes cooked with flavoured spices.

Rajasthani Gatta Curry- Dumplings of gram flour dipped in yogurt gravy.

Bhindi Do Piaza- Deep fried okra cooked with onions & tomatoes.

Baigan Ka Bharta- Roasted egg plant cooked with onions & tomatoes.

Punjabi Chole- Tangy chick peas cooked in Punjabi style.

Veg Jafrezi / Veg Kolhapuri- A dry preparation of assorted vegetables.

Subzi Toofani- Assorted vegetables cooked in thick spicy sauce.

Aloo Gobi / Aloo Mutter- A preparation with potatoes or cauliflower.

Methi Malai Mattar- A mild creamy dish with green peas.

Dil Pasand Palak Kofta- Cottage cheese dumplings cooked in spinach gravy.

Malai Kofta- Cottage cheese dumplings in a mild gravy.

Navratan Korma- Assorted vegetables cooked in a mild gravy.

Dal - Lentils

Dal Maa Indian Hut- Whole black lentils cooked with tomato puree.

Dal Tadka- Yellow lentils seasoned with exotic spices.

Punjabi Kari Pakora- Gram flour dumplings in yogurt based gravy.


Dahi- Plain homemade yogurt.

Raita- Whipped yogurt of your choice.

Onion Salad- Fresh cut onion slices.

Green Salad / Onion Salad- Fresh cut slices- cucumber,onion,tomatoes.

Kuchumber Salad- Mix of diced onions,tomatoes,cucumber.


Prawn And Fish

Tandoori Pomfret Masala- Grilled pomfret made with aromatic spices in tomato gravy.

Kadhai Jheenga- Prawns cooked along with bell pepper,onions & tomatoes.

Prawn Curry- Prawns cooked with onion tomato sauce.

Goan Fish Curry- A preparation of fish cooked in exotic spices.

Vindaloo Fish- Fish cooked in a traditional Indian spicy sauce.

Vindaloo Prawns- Prawns cooked in a traditional Indian spicy sauce.


Chicken Curry- A road-side chicken preparation famous in India.

Murg Do Pyaza- A combination of chicken cooked with double onions.

Murg Jalfrezi- Boneless chicken pieces,cooked with onions & tomatoes.

Kadhai Murg- Wok cooked chicken delicacy with green bell peppers.

Murg Methi Malai- Chunks of grilled chicken cooked in mild creamy gravy.

Murg Saagwala- Chicken cooked with spinach gravy.

Murg Makhani- Grilled chicken chunks simmered in satin smooth tomato gravy.

Murg Korma- Boneless chicken dish cooked in cashewnuts sauce.

Murg Vindaloo- Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a tangy sauce.

Murg Bhuna Keema Mutter- Minced chicken cooked with onion, tomatoes and green peas.

Murg Seekh Masala- Skewered minced chicken BBQ cooked in thick spicy sauce.

Egg Curry / Egg Masala- Deep fried boiled eggs cooked with tomatoes & onions.


Lamb Keema Mutter- minced lamb cooked with green peas.

Lamb Rogan Josh- Lamb pieces cooked in a traditional kashmiri masala.

Lamb Vindaloo- Lamb cooked with potatoes,in a tangy sauce.

Kadhai Lamb- Lamb cooked with green bell papers.

Lamb Masala- Lamb pieces cooked in tomato and onions.

Lamb Shank (chefs Special )- Lamb shanks cooked with flavoured spices.

Lamb Seekh Masala- Minced lamb seekh with thick spicy sauce.


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