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Namadwaar’s Gopakuteeram Annual day at Sri Ramakrishna Mission

March 01,2018 


Singapore Gopakuteeram is a worldwide children’s life enrichment program that is conducted under the guidance of Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. It is one of the important activities of Namadwaar Singapore, which is a society formed to spread love to one and all by chanting the divine name. There are 70 children participating Gopakuteeram classes at Singapore and every year, Annual day is celebrated when children perform skits, dance from our Hindu mythology, moral value based stories. This year, the annual day was celebrated on 10th Feb 2018 at the Prestigious Sri Ramakrishna Mission. This event was conducted in the august presence of Swami Vimokshananda President of Sri Ramakrishna Mission Sri Swamiji gave a wonderful speech to kids and parents about why these classes are important and how it adds value to our mind and life as a whole. The skit narrating the story of Prahalada charithram brought Lord Narasimha before the eyes of the audience. Kids performed extremely well and the stage props including the pillars, costumes were very natural. Other programmes includes skit on moral value, Sri Ramakrishnar, magic show and dance. The program ended with a tasty dinner prasadham served at the Misson for about 180 people who attended the function. Blessed are the kids, parents and members of Namadwaar to celebrate this event at Sri Ramakrishna Mission. Contact:

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