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Texas faces the highest number of maternal deaths in the US

September 28,2018  IST


Caring for our mothers: A gathering of Faith, Family and Medicine attracted faith based institutions in the city of San Antonio, sister city of Chennai India. On September 20, 2018 the public health committee of the Faith based initiative of the city chaired by Dr. Rajam Ramamurthy ( Professor Emeritus. Deaprtment of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health in San Antonio.}  launched the first meeting to address the rising maternal mortality rate (MMR) through a novel approach to get churches particularly in impoverished neighborhoods to institute programs to nurture pregnant women and new mothers so they have a safe and healthy course of pregnancy and for the first year after giving birth.

This focus on MMR was triggered by a report in a scientific journal that cited US as having the leading MMR among all industrialized wealthy nations. MMR is defined as the number of women dying within one year after giving birth to a live baby. A world Health Organization report compared MMR in 1990 to 2015. In all countries MMR declined except US and South Africa and three other countries in Africa. 

In 1990 the population of US was 252,848 Million and the MMR was 12 per 100,000 that is 470 women dying every year. In 2015 (US population 321,774 mil) that number increased to 12-16 with 550 deaths.

During the same period in 1990 the population of India was 870, 602 mil with an MMR of 556. This translates to 152,000 women dying every year of child birth. In 2015 (Population of India-1,311,051) MMR is 174, that is 45,000 women dying every year. Worldwide nearly 44% decrease in MMR is due to governmental and NGO efforts that really encourage the programs to evolve from the people and local communities. 

The Faith Based initiative is one such movement. Speakers who are experts in the field of

medicine, DR’S. Ruth Berggren, Charletta Guillory, Lisa Cleveland and faith leaders, Pastor, Dr. Kenneth Kemp and Reverend Ann Helmke articulated their programs and their vision. Faith based initiatives in few places in the US have a nurturing group of women and men who a pregnant woman can turn to.

They help to drive her for doctors visit, accompany her when she goes to deliver, baby sit other children, make sure she has food and are a support system that she feels comfortable in. If the plan is successful Dr. Ramamurthy wants to replicate it.

- Our Reporter Sheela Ramanan from San Antonio 

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