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Bharathanatiya arangetram in Botswana

October 17,2018 


Gaborone: Kumari Malavika's bharathanatiya arangetram was held at Westwood school, Gaborone in a grand manner. Saravana Gurkkal, Shivachariyar at Balaji Temple, Gaborone initiated the programme with Ganapathy Pooja. Ananth Ram and Sridevi Sankara Iyer together did the Master of Ceremony. 

The programme was divided into 3 categories viz 1) Mohiniattam, 2) Bharathanatiyam and 3) Kuchipudi. There were 2 items in Mohiniyattam namely Ganapathy Vanthanam and Jathisvaram. Bharathanatiyam had 6 items viz Devi Sthuti, Shadkshara Skavthuvam, Nathar Mudi mel, Nadanam Aadinar, Varnam and Thillana. The last section Kuchipudi has Maragtha Mani Maya Chela, Athuram Mathuram and Tharangam. Malavika performed wonderfully for all songs. Audience were so impressed and mesmerised by her fluency in making fine movements and showing most appropriate facial expressions for the lyrics. They became spellbound when she danced like a snake for the song 'Nathar Mudi Mel'. The last item 'Tharangam' is a special item. In this dance Malaviga danced by standing on top of a bronze plate as well as carrying a bowl of water on her head. When done, this dance became a master piece of this programme and at one point, she received a standing ovation from all the audience.

After the performance, Malavika's guru Smt. Kalamandalam Ajitha Majeshlal presented the certificate to Malavika. Malavika's father, Kalyan presented mementos to Master of ceremonies and who helped the programme to be successful. Smt. Jayashree, Malavika's mother, gave vote of thanks at the end.

About Malavika: Malavika started learning classical dance at the age of six under the guidance of Kalamandalam Smt. Ajitha Manjeshlal. She is a well-rounded student and tries to excel in her extracurricular activities. She gives equal importance to both her studies and classical dance. Malavika has represented her school in various chess tournaments and won prizes. She has completed 10 years of Balavikas in Sathya Sai Center, Gaborone. She has participated in many cultural activities  and programmes organised by various organisations in Gaborone such as Botswana Tamil Cultural Association and Sathya Sai Center. Kalyan’s origin is Lakshmi Narayana puram in Palakad, Kerala. He works in Gaborone for about 20 years.

About the Guru Kalamandalam Ajitha Manjeshlal: Guru Kalamandalam Ajitha Manjeshlal, the founder and Director of the “School of Indian Dance and Music” graduated from the famous Kerala Kalamandalam Deemed University of Art and Culture, India. School of Indian Dance and Music is a center for training and performance of Indian Classical Dance in Gaborone. The institution has produced and moulded artists in a distinctive Kalamandalam style. It provides a holistic education for all inspiring students by cultivating a sprit of reverence. Ajitha has been an inspiration to her students. She has over 80 students in her school and has over 18 arangetrams to her credit. Her husband Manjeshlal works as a Arts teacher in a school in Gaborone.

- Our Honorary Reporter M.Selvaraaj Prabu

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