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27th April VASANTHAM 2019: Tamil New Year Celebration

March 18,2019  IST





Dear NYATS members, 

As you await the bloom of spring and get ready to welcome the new

Tamil year, please find below the registration guidelines for our much

awaited upcoming Puthandu event Vasantham 2019 on Saturday, 27th April, 2019. 

We sincerely appreciate all of the participants understanding and support towards following the published guidelines to make the event a mega success. We also need volunteers for the successful execution of the event, please do register your interest. With overwhelming feedback from the past events on the length of whole program, we are continuing to amend some of the guidelines to make it an Interesting and eclectic extravaganza, catering to the varying interests of the community.

VASANTHAM Cultural Event Date & Location

Date: Saturday, 27th April, 2019

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: HCC, 450 Albany Shaker Rd, Albany, NY

Dinner: 7:00 PM

Please note the key dates/timelines prior to the event:

Last Date for Registration: Sunday, 31 st March, 11:59 PM

Last Date for Recorded Audio submission: Sunday, 14th Apr 2019

Rehearsal Schedule(tentative): Monday, April 22 nd 2019 @ 6:00 PM @HCC

Vasantham 2019 Cultural Program Registration/Guidelines:

Puthandu /Vasantham is an ancient festival, with references in Tholgapiyam(தொல்காப்பியம்), signifies welcoming the tamil new year. Vasantham is a secular event.

 All programs should be in Tamil.

 Puthandu centric programs and programs showcasing Tamil

culture [Kolattam, Maiyilattam, Karagattam, Silambattam, etc…]

will be given priority.

 All participants should be members of NYATS on or before the day of the rehearsal. We request the choreographer/lead to take ownership to ensure the participants become a member or renew their membership by rehearsal day to avoid any confusions on eligibility.

 Participation in rehearsal is mandatory. We strongly urge all the participants to be present during the rehearsal. Recorded songs

should be handed over to the cultural team before Sun 13th April

2019. Entries that did not participate in the rehearsal will be

moved to the end of the schedule after talk-show/Pattimandram (close to dinner time).

 Vasantham is limited to max 20 programs (50% dance, 10% singing and 40% rest all variety programs). Cultural team is considering a talk show (Pattimandram) in addition to the 20 programs.

 Programs will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. If

entries for a certain category exceeds the plan above, cultural team will exercise their judgement to select entries to have a good

mix of programs.

 Participant can perform only in one item

 Minimum of 4 participants required for all performances. All performances should be less than 6 minutes.

 Preference to variety programs like stand-up comedy / mono-

acting / mimicry / skit / mime / Game show etc

 Group instrumental performances that are creative will be given

preference. No solo instrumental performances.

 Request all participants to be present by 2.30 PM on the day of the event. If any team misses the program order, they will be

moved to the last in the order. Choreographers, please emphasize to all parents in your group.

 Cultural committee reserves the right to select or drop an entry

upon discussion with the choreographer if above guidelines are not met. Committee also reserves the right to sequence programs

on event day considering event logistics.

 Program sequence will be released on the day of the event prior to

the start of the event.

 Choreographers and participants full names must be included in

the enrollment form for ease of matching with membership list

 Cultural program entries must be submitted through online form

only. Any exceptions, changes or clarifications need to be emailed

to the mail box below for review by the team to ensure fairness to

all participants.

 Costumes should be appropriate

For Enrollment / Registration to Cultural Events, please click the link below and submit the form before Sunday, 31st March, 2019 11:59 PM


Note: Please avoid changes in songs once submitted. If we receive

several requests of the similar item; Final decisions concerning the

program will be made by the cultural team.

*Special request: If you’re interested to volunteer for Vasantham event. Please send an email with your interest to


For any other information or request, you can reach out to the cultural team at nyatsvasantham2019@gmail.com

Thank you!!!


Vasantham Cultural Event Registration

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