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Sri Rama Navami and New Year Celebrations in San Antonio Hindu Temple, Texas

April 20,2019  IST


The devotees of this city are so blessed and fortunate to get an opportunity to participate in all the HTSA celebrations. Thanks to all the temple authorities and priests.

On Saturday 13 Apr 19 we celebrated Sri Rama Navami festival in the Hindu Temple of San Antonio (HTSA), TX in the Ram Mandir complex. Followed by first time Tamil New Year Celebrations in the main temple premises on 14 Apr 19. This time we had back to back festivals attended by over 350 devotees each day. 

Along with Tamil New Year, we celebrated Kerala New Year Vishu, Pana Sankranti Oriya New Year, Pahela Baishakh Bengali New Year and Baisakhi – Punjabi New year on the same day in the temple. The Pooja started around 10:30AM with Abhishekam conducted by devotees to deities by pouring libations on the image of Lord Muruga, followed by Shiva and Parvati amidst the bhajans by couples. During this occasion the devotees were allowed to take the stage and do all the rituals under the guidance of priests.

Prasadam preparations started early in the morning at 6:30AM in the temple complex. Some of the Prasadams were made in the temple complex and some were prepared by many devotees at their homes. Distributions of Prasadam started from 1:30PM and went up to 4:30PM in the evening. 

Special thanks to the Temple authorities without their help the celebrations of this magnitude cannot be performed with such ease. At this time we would like to recognize the contribution of the authorities and Priests by mentioning their names – Chairman - Rajender Thusu, Chairman Elect - Madhav Rao, Treasurers - Bharthi Reddy, Bala Yakala, Secretaries - Ram Jolukuntla, Jagdesh, Priests – Ramalinga Sastry and Krishnaswamy Bhattar. 

We also would like to appreciate the contributions of some of our active volunteers – Narkunan, Paneerdas, Ranga, Aravindan, Velamudha, Ramji, Savitri, Kumar Ramaswamy, Padma Bharath, Venkat, Dinesh and other innumerable volunteers.

-Our NRI Reporter Sheela Ramanan

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