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Bay Area Tamil Manram

July 05,2020 


Bay Area Tamil Manram is a non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan organization. It has been serving the San Francisco bay area since 1980. It was started as a group for like-minded Tamils to socialize and has grown into a strong organization of what it is now.


JEYAJULIT ANTONYSAMY- Vice President - Admin

INDHUMATHI JEYAPAL- Vice President - Cultural

PUGAL ANBU- Secretary

SUBA RAJESH- Treasurer


Mail :

The success behind this organization is that it has adapted to changing times and needs of the Tamil community in these 25+ years. Before the days of proper Tamil schools in the bay area, Tamil Manram has conducted Tamil classes for children and adults. Before the days of the Internet where Tamil magazines are available for free, Tamil Manram has hosted a lending library of Tamil magazines for its members.

Now Tamil Manram has grown into a strong position of leadership and remains as an organization that represents the local bay area Tamil community.

Tamil Manram continues its service to Tamil. It is committed to the growth of Tamil cultural activities in the bay area. Tamil Manram regularly conducts Children's events and encourages our children to learn Tamil language and Tamil culture. Tamil Manram also raises funds for social cause for non-profit charity organizations.

Tamil Manram as always stays committed to the promotion of Tamil, Tamil culture and encouraging local talents. Whether it is iyal, isai or naatakam, Tamil Manram has always been an outlet to provide a stage for the local talents to exhibit their creativity.


Tamil Manram,
P.O. Box 362329,
Milpitas, CA 95036-2329.
Mail :
Phone : (510) 516 4312

Tamil Cultural Center is an ambitious project by Tamil Manram. The goals of Tamil Cultural Center are:

To provide Tamil community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area with a physical base for cultural activities, where a sense of belonging and unity are strengthened.

To teach the younger generation of Tamil Americans about their culture expressed through the Tamil language, history and traditions in order to nurture pride in their heritage and identity.

To provide other Tamil organizations with the support they need to carry out their programs in serving the community.

To provide community members with the support they need to address their emotional and educational needs to become productive citizens. This will include citizenship and ESL classes, senior citizen support, help for abused spouses, etc.

To disseminate information and assist all who are seeking to learn about Tamil language, culture, and history.

To provide a library of Tamil and Tamil related books.

To provide scholarships to Tamil scholars, funding research in Tamil and publishing Tamil literary works.

To provide a Tamil Computing Center where people can get training on using Tamil on the Internet and Tamil software, and access Tamil Virtual University materials.

To provide physical space for Tamil cultural and educational institutions to conduct their classes and events

We are in the process of forming a separate organization for Tamil Cultural Center. Once the constitution is finalized and the organization is registered as a non-profit charity we will share the details with you. In the mean time if you can support us please make a donation to Tamil Manram using the donate button on the right.

Siva Seshappan has been appointed as the interm Executive Director for this project. If you have questions please contact him by email.; 

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