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Jegathese Krishnan selected for Avathar awards

December 14,2020 


Mr. Jegathese Krishnan was born on 14th of October 1983 at Kajang Hospital. He started his primary studies at SJK (Tamil) Sengkang and St.Leonards Tamil School. He pursued his secondary studies at Port Dickson High School. He worked as a temporary teacher at SJKT Nilai and SJKT Ladang Sunggala while waiting for his STPM results.  He graduated from University of Putra Malaysia in Bachelor of Communication majoring in Broadcasting. Then, he attached with ASTRO and worked as production Assistant for various programs such as Vizhutugal, Aattam 100 Vagai, Hello Yaar Pesuvathu,Babas Neengalum Samaikalam, Vaanavil Super Star. He also worked with Radio Television Malaysia(RTM) as news editor before continue his Diploma in Education(KPLI). He did his practicum in SJKT Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi and joined SJKT Port Dickson on 16th of August 2010.

In his service for last 9 years he has been made a lot of contribution to the school. For example, he has led the development of School Radio Program which designed to engage students and strengthen their potentials in various aspects. Selected students took in charge as RJs and they will lead the program while other students will perform their performances accordingly. More over the RJs will have an interview session with the VIP or guest who attends functions in school. The alumni of the school also given chance to share their success in different aspects via a program called “Saathanai Mutthukkal”. On the other hand, this Radio Program have been selected to presented in National Tamil Schools Headmaster’s Conference and recognised by Deputy Minister of Education Teo Nie Ching.

Next, Mr. Jegathese have extensive experience organizing and directing football programs for school teams. He has proven his ability to coach and lead teams into winning district, state championships. Furthermore, he has recruited, mentored, coached, and directed the state football team for tournament arranged by Malaysian Indian Football Association (MIFA) and won runner-up position in National Inter Tamil Schools Football Tournament in year 2012. His ex-students are now playing football for state and private football clubs. Other than organising and supervising practices, team meetings, scheduled games he has took some fundraising from Asian Football Confederation.

A few of his highlights and accomplishments in academic include facilitating a consistent, predictable learning environment where students are motivated and driven by their own successes and accomplishments. He has proven experience developing curriculum, preparing and executing extra ordinary lesson plans will attract students. 

Mr.Jegathese is an exceptional teacher and this is evident in his interactions with staff and students. He is also building a good bonding with parents. He is also the Secretary of Parents and Teachers Association too. His highly developed interpersonal skills, sense of humour and compassion have ensured that students find Mr.Jegathese approachable and he has been selected as “Guru Berspoting” by students in 2019 Teachers Day celebration.

It is very proud to indicate that Mr. Jegathese has directed and sang the school’s official song with composer Mr.M.Duruvan. He also took the initiative to involve the students take part in 2019 Hari Raya Video Competition organised by E-Didik. SJKT Port Dickson was the only Tamil School which took part in this competition. 

Mr. Jegathese is a facilitator of Year 4 Moral Studies. He took part in preparing state level Year 4 Tamil Language working scheme. He also member of district and state choir group for Teachers Day and National Day. 

Mr.Jegathese’s knowledge of music is extensive and he is trained by well known Malaysian music composer Mr.M.Duruvan. He took part in ASTRO’s Vaanavil Superstar 2011 until Gold Star level. He is also Champion of Paadavaralam Competition organised by National Artists Association. He also rendered his voice for various devotional songs produced by local music composers. Mr. Jegathese’s love of and enthusiasm for music motivated him to impart it onto the next generation. His students have taken part in many competitions and won prizes.

He is President of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Port Dickson Local Council. He is organising many programs such as religious class, spiritual tours and talks for community in Port Dickson. He and his team is helping two under privilege families with monthly expenses for groceries and basic needs.   He and his team also participating in fundraising and community outreach and help people meet their greatest challenges in their darkest times.

- Our Reporter Venkateshan

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