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Atrocities of crippling Winter Storm Uri

February 21,2021 


Between February 13–17, 2021 North American winter storm, also unofficially referred to as Winter Storm Uri, was a major winter and ice storm that had widespread impacts across the United States. Millions of homes in Texas were without power for a week fully after historically cold winter weather caused a failure of the state’s electricity grid, triggering a public health emergency in the nation’s second most populous state. The blackouts were the largest in the U.S. since the Northeast blackout of 2003.

ERCOT(Electric Reliability Council Of Texas) officials have repeatedly said that the winter storm that swept the state caught power generators off guard, and that it previously appeared there was more than enough supply to meet demand. More than 325,000 Texas residents were without power as of Feb 18, 2021. Nearly half of all the Texans are facing water disruptions. 'This is a nightmare': Over 13 million Texans face water crisis and many cities are asking the residents to boil the water before using it to drink, cook including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas Fort Worth and more. 

In Houston, America's fourth-largest city, there are long lines for food, gas and supplies.Like so many cities still struggling to get food,water and power like essential things.

While the rolling blackouts in Texas have left some 4 million residents without power in brutally cold weather, experts and community groups say that many marginalized communities were the first to be hit with power outages, and if history serves as a guide, could be among the last to be reconnected. COVID-19 vaccinations slowed by winter storm.

During these challenging times we were fortunate to witness the humanity in full swing. All the Indian community associations extended their helping hands not only for Indian community but prepared food with their limited cooking facilities and distributed to many homeless citizens. SATS(San Antonio Tamil Sangam) has been extending their hands to help all in need during this tough time.

As a journalist would like to share my first hand personal experience. After 2 days into the bitter cold and dark nights while searching for some cooked food, we heard some good hearts distributing home food to people in need. We were prepared to pay whatever it takes to have some warm food during this cold weather. We received the contact information in a group chat to call for getting food.

Need to mention few of their names at this point, Shri. T.V.V.V Prasad, Shri. Subbaiah Sastry, Mrs Latha Prasad, Mrs.Madhuri Subbaiah Sastry, Mrs.Savitri Subbarao and their whole family. 

Even though there was no power in their homes, they not only gave us a warm welcome but gave a fresh hot cooked food with varieties prepared using a propane gas stove and asked us to stay in their homes for the bitter cold nights to be more cozy warm. Additionally they prepared the kheer in the evening for distribution. 

During this COVID situation also, not worried about their safety they were working to help the people.These golden hearted people invited us for a hot dinner in the evening which we had and were so much overwhelmed with their love that inspired me to write this. While we were having lunch the distribution to the needy homeless people were being arranged and transported, Their families were also working in unison and with the same selfless goal of distributing the food to all the needy.

Two other important things worth mentioning here are that during the peak COVID situations they have been helping the poor helpless and homeless peoples in San Antonio, Texas. And also guiding the local community people in their spiritual progress by conducting voluntary Spritual chantings. We wish to god that their selfless service to spread far and inspire more people to follow them.

- Our Reporter Sheela Ramanan

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