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August 12,2021 


1. “This is not Mosque. It is “ Dwaraka.” Those who seek ‘refuge’ in her, will never be harmed.


2. Baba to Balasaheb Mirikar : “ This is our Dwarakamai, She wards off all dangers and anxieties of the children who sit on her lap. Once a person sits on her lap, all his troubles are over.”


3. Baba to Bhimaji Patil, suffering from chronic T. B.: “Stay, cast off your anxiety, as soon as one climbs the steps of this Masjid, ‘sufferings due to bad Karma ‘are at an end; and he is on the pathway of happiness. The fakir here is very kind and He will cure the disease and protect with love.”  


4. During the first period of Upasani Baba’s stay in Dwarakamai, he feared about his breathing problem. Sai Baba assured him by saying: “Ye Jaga Maran Ko Nai, Taran Ko Hai.” This Dwarakamai is no place for death, but a place for crossing death.


5. When Upasani Baba was still worrying, Sai Baba assured him again simply asking: “ Uge Muge ( Not to do anything ) Sit and keep quiet. I will do the needful and take you to the end.”


6. “Why should you have fear when I am here? “

G.S. Khaparde came to Shirdi on December 5, 1910 to take shelter and stayed there for 98 days. The British Govt. was looking for him to arrest as his involvement politically with B. G. Tilak. Baba said: “Stay here, treat this Masjid as your house. Governor came with Lance to pierce Dada ( Khaparde ). I had a tussle with him and drove him out. Why should you have fear when I am here? “ 


7. “ Abhayam “---is the fore most virtue in Shirdi Sai Baba’s list of Virtues. Baba is a kind mother of all who seek refuge in Him; He is ever carefully watching over His Devotees destinies and their conduct. He saves them from the temporal and spiritual perils and leads them to the goal of life.

Dasa Ganu described a curious ritual performed by Baba:

When Baba was alone (1 pm to 2pm) in the Masjid, He used to take coins from His pocket and rub their surfaces with His fingers (as a result, all the letters on the coins were rubbed out) saying:

“Nanache Nanache ( that is Nana’s Nana’s ) Kakache Kakache, Somyache Somyache” etc. By this act, adverse circumstances against these persons were rubbed out. That is what these devotees felt and believed. Thus, Sai Baba operated the magic protection of His Bhaktas.


8. Baba declared in the Masjid after 1886: “This is a white Brahmin’s Masjid. This white and pure Brahmin will lead lakhs of people to the Subhra Marga (clean Path) and take them to the goal, that is, to the Feet of God. “Brahmin in Sanskrit: A scholar, a teacher.


( Extracted from B. V Narasimha Swamy)

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