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Pongal Celebration in Maldives

January 13,2022 


Jan 08-01-2022, Maldives Tamil Nanbarkal (மாலத்தீவு தமிழ் நண்பர்கள்)  jointly with Royal Tiger Sports & Service team in the Maldives conducted a debate in connection with Pongal Celebrations.

Maldives Tamil Nanparkal (மாலத்தீவு தமிழ் நண்பர்கள்)  jointly with Royal Tiger Sports & Service team decided to  celebrat Pongal festival on 14-01-2022 Friday at Male', the Capital city of the Maldives.  As a part of the celebration, they had conducted a debate (first time in the Maldives) on 7th Jan-2022 with the title of debate as  'நிம்மதியான வாழ்விற்கு உரிய இடம் உள் நாடா? வெளி நாடா'.

This program took place at the official centre of  ICCR -Indian Council for Cultural Relation in the Maldives,,  Debate took place in the presense of the  Director of  ICCR Dr (Mrs) Syed Tanveer Nasreen. Mr. Raman was presiding over debate.

Mr. Vino Devaraj delivered the welcome address and Mr. Edwin Mohan delivered the vote of thanks.. 

Large number of Tamil community residing in Maldives attended the function.

- Our NRI Reporter Abu Hibah

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