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Srinivasa Swamy Kalyana Mahotsavam 2022 in Wellington

July 14,2022 


Srinivasa Swamy Kalyana Mahotsavam (SSKM) is the flagship event of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple of Wellington, conducted every year since 2019 by Sanatana Dharma Paripalana Seva Trust (SDPST) of New Zealand. The Kalyanam is conducted with the principal aim of Loka Kshemartam 

 Dharmic Prachaaram to the large devotee community in Greater Wellington region. The SSKM event is normally held every year in Jan/Feb but was re-scheduled this year due to Covid restrictions and took place on June 24, in Petone, Wellington. The event was livestreamed on the SVWT Facebook page and attended in person by over 500 devotees. In past, devotees from adjoining regions such as Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay have also had the opportunity to add colour and experience the SSKM event.

The event celebrated the fascinating celestial marriage of Lord Sri Venkateswara (also called Lord Srinivasa) with Goddess Padmavathi. SSKM is a unique and special ritual with a mixture of Vaideeka and Loukeeka practices, where devotees immersed in the celebration to derive immense pleasure from conducting the wedding for the Lord Himself with the appropriate bhakti and bhavam such as singing and dancing. 

SSKM 2022 set about with Harinam NagarSankeertanam  where the Lord was taken around in procession with sacred chants, then followed by Pidi Sutthal and Oonjal ceremonies. The VAideeka segment of the Kalyanam was conducted Shri L Balamurali Krishna (BMK) with able assistance by several other Priests and devotees. The Lord and His consorts were showered by devotees with soulful singing of keertans that is typical of a marriage. Nalangu ceremony and a final procession completed Kalyanam proceedings. Finally, devotees were treated to a sumptuous Kalyana Sappadu served in Pankthi style, that is typical of Kalyanam events.

It is well known that Tirumala conducts 'Nithya Kalyanam' where Kalyanotsavam is performed to the Lord of Seven Hills with His consorts Bhudevi & Sridevi everyday inside Srivari Temple. Due to several constraints people from far off regions such as Wellington rarely get the chance to participate, let alone witness such events. In conducting the SSKM event for Wellington devotees, SDPST is able to send the message of importance of Sanatana Dharma, Hindu philosophy, way of life, universal peace & prosperity in the society.

SSKM 2022 was celebrated by mandalis from local resources with a lingering effect of Bhaktibhavam giving message that the Sanatana Dharma, its Heritage conventions and spirit of Bhakti and Prapatti are time tested. This provides an ideal opportunity for our next generation youth to witness, learn, participate, understand and experience the culture and meaning of various rituals that take place in a Hindu Dharmic and celestial wedding.

It is due to the Lord's saulabhya that devotees get immense pleasure to be His parents I performing the KAlyana Mahotsavam. SDPST is fortunate to have devotees and vounteers who serve tirelessly with their kainkaryams. Proceeds from these events are directed to build a permanent abode for Lord Venkateswara and Sri Venkateswara Swamy temple of Wellington.

- Our Overseas Reporter Chandra Sankaran

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