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North India Hindu Temple in South Africa

January 29,2009 


History : Devotees in Zambia in Southern Africa have experienced and enjoyed the bliss of Hinduism through two decades of continuous prayers and worship at a Hindu temple established in a small town near the capital city of Lusaka.

Several hundreds of Hindu Professionals from many countries in the world over who have been working in Zambia have experienced miracles through the Grace of Lalitha Ambigai (Kanchi Kamakshi) and the founder of the temple late Mr.Vadilal Tribovandas Shah.Late Mr.V.T Shah inspired by his wife Late Mrs. Vimlaben Vadilal Shah founded the Hindu Temple in Kafue in 1974.

Late Mrs.Vimlaben Vadilal Shah was a religious lady devoting her time to prayers with specific devotion to Mathaji Sakthi worship. Her dream was to build a temple in her premises and started collecting funds from her relatives and friends in Zambia and Zimbabwe. But she could not complete her dream before she passed away in 1969.Late Mr V.T. Shah continued with the mission of his late wife and fulfilled her dream of building a temple using the funds collected by his late wife as the seed money.

Devi willing, Mr. Narayanan, an Engineer working for the Railways at Kafue volunteered to construct the temple and started to build the wooden sanctum of the temple in 1974 and completed in 1976 even after he was transferred to Lusaka and later to Kabwe.

The temple was a small one room concrete building with a wooden sanctum with three compartments in which were three framed pictures of Parasakthi, Kali and Venkateshwarar .In addition Durga Amba Matha in metal adorned the central compartment as the deity of the temple. On the walls were metal deities of Ganesh and skanda as well as other deities on the Wooden Gopuram.

The temple is located in the private property of Mr.V.T Shah .He began to offer prayers every day morning and evenings . He prayed for the well being of the devotees spontaneously and hence attracted several devotees to the temple through his devotion, sincerity and love.

As there was no Hindu Temple in Lusaka at that time, Hindus began to patronise this temple .As the number of devotees increased; there was a need to expand the temple. In 1979 ten devotees of the temple initiated by Mr. M.Ramanathan and Late Mr. N.Namasiwayam constructed a hall to meet the needs of devotees visiting the temple.

On the suggestion of Mr. Vijaya Haran and Dr N.Prahlada Sastri a Professor at the University of Zambia who were expounding Lalitha worship it was Gods will that Lalitha Ambigai or Kanchi Kamakshi be installed in the temple sanctum.

The deity specially made in India .The duo visited India and brought the deity specially made of alloy (pancha loham using five metals) in Madras, as prescribed.

At the installation of Lalitha Ambigai along with Maha Meru on Masi Maham day in February 1980, it was suggested that her sons Ganesh and Skanda accompany the mother. Mr.N.Gananadha volunteered and brought the two deities as prescribed made of Pancha Loha/ Alloy from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. In On 13th September 1980 Dr N.P.Sastri installed Ganesh and Skanda at the temple.

Temple Address : Kafue Hindu Temple,

Plot No 9, Buyantanshi Road,

Kafue, Zambia.

Telephone : 260-1-311258.

Website :

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