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Sri Katphaga Vinayakar Temple,Australia

January 30,2009 


History : Ganapathy is Bhayakrit and Bhayanasana, the creator of difficulties and remover of difficulties. He is easily accessible, readily involved anywhere and everywhere. It is customary in household ceremonies that Lord Ganesha is invoked in a small cone shape made of Sandal Paste or Tumeric Paste.This readily available and accessible Lord is also known as Katphaga Vinayakar. Katphagam is the tamil for the Sanskrit derivation of Kalpataru – the wishfulfilling mythological celestial tree spoken of in ancient literature. Standing under its shade, whatever one thinks will come to fruition. Katphaga Vinayakar answers the prayers of true and sincere devotees. Lord Ganesha in this name has only two temples, one in Pillayar Patti in Tamil Nadu, India, and the other one in Kachari-Nallur road in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. In the Katphaga Vinayakar temple at Nallur, one Sivasri Gnanesekara Gurukkal, a devout priest, had devoted his entire life in the worship of the Deity. He was succeeded by Sivasri Sivakataaksha Gurukkal. Following him a barely seven year old Ragunatha Sarma grew up in the service of Katphaga Vinayakar, leaving an indelible impression the young boy. When he was older, due to the changing conditions of the region, he had to leave for Kandy where he was a priest in the Sri Selva Vinayakar temple. When he migrated to Sydney in 1999, he felt the need for a Ganesha temple there. His favourite Deity, the benign wish-fulfilling Katphaga Vinayakar and its divinity wrought in him the urge to establish a temple in Sydney. He shared his thought and longing with some known devotees, friends and relatives. In 2001 he met Dr Indirarajah, who whole heartedly supported the idea of establishing Katphaga Vinayakar temple. This meeting gave him the confidence to proceed. With a strong sense of belonging to the Katphaga Vinayakar Temple in which he grew up, it was decided to name the new temple envisaged as Katphaga Vinayakar temple. Accordingly with the help of Sri Kumararajan, Sivasri Ragunatha Gurukkal registered the name of the temple at the NSW registrar’s office in 2004. There after with considerable financial help from his extended family and by investing his entire life’s savings Sivasri Ragunatha Gurukkal brought Panchaloka Vigrahas of Vinayakar, Raja Rajeshwari Amman and Bala Murugan from India and the Pradishta Ceremony took place temporarily at 3, Jay Street, Lidcombe. A temple committee was formed under the chairmanship of Sri Somasundaram to do the ground work of looking after finances, council permit and harnessing public support. From that point onwards Dr Ranjinee & Dr Saravanamuthu Indrarajah has been conducting the monthly Vinayaka Chathurthi pooja with great dedication. The temple started with two poojas, one in the morning and one in the evening, with an elaborate pooja from 5pm – 8pm on Friday evenings. A special Oonjal song was composed by Dr. Bharathi who was himself a poet . The number of devotees increased and the need to conduct the poojas in a public place was felt all the more. In the beginning the Friday pooja took place in a hall in Lidcombe. In 2005, a Panchaloka Vigraha of Sivan Parvathi was brought from India and the Pradishta celebration took place in Homebush Boys high school. In the same place Vinayaka Chathurthi in the month of Avani was celebrated on a grand scale.The need was felt to have a permanent place of worship where the Divine Grace of Ganesha can reach out and benefit the public at large. The devotees were on the lookout for a suitable place. Through Dr.Indirarajah, it came to be known that a prayer hall at 123 Crescent was for sale. Devotees were solicited for financial help. By the Grace of Ganesha, Things started moving fast towards the purchase of this hall. On 3rd July 2006 the conservation ceremony of Katphaga Vinayakar known as the Maha Kumbapikesham took place with great celebrations to the delight of the great number of devotees who longed to worship the Lord to their heart’s content. Followed by this great event, for 48 days special Poojas called Mandala Abishekam were performed.The Vinayakar Chathurthi that falls on every month was celebrated and a special event culminating in the Vinayakar Chathurthi of Avani was the biggest celebration of the year. Following this the special days in the Hindu Calendar, like Navarathri, Kanthashashti, Thiruvembavai were also celebrated with great vigour. On 12th December 2006 Vigrahas Thillai Nattaraja, Siva Kama Sundari and Mannikka Vasakar were brought from India and Pradishta took place. On 21st and 22nd of January 2007, Panahmuka Vinayakar Pradishta took place. The Divine Grace of the Katphaga Vinayakar is being felt by many and there is a surge of devotion and support from the public. Volunteers gather to do the chores of the temple like developing a garden around the temple and cleaning the temple etc. Every Friday, Kootu Praarthanai by the devotees and volunteers take place with a lot of enthusiasm. Cultural events, religion discussions and music recitals take place regularly. By the Grace of Katphaga Vinayakar, this temple is fast becoming a bastion of religious and cultural traditions. May the Lord Katphaga Vinayakar help us in this holy endeavour and guide us all to work for peace and harmony at all levels.

Temple Address : Sri Katphaga Vinayakar Temple,

123 The Crescent, Flemington,

NSW 2140, Australia.

Telephone : 9746 9590

Website :

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