தனியார் பள்ளிகள் இந்தியை நீக்குமா?

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தனியார் பள்ளிகள் இந்தியை நீக்குமா?

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Sathyanarayanan Sathyasekaren
Sathyanarayanan Sathyasekaren , . 07-ஆக-2020 | 19:32:51 IST Report Abuse

This Ramasamy speak like Soroyan seedan not like a vice chancellor, he just express his boss views. when they oppose Hindi conveniently forget that Urdu schools already exits. is that not 3 language policy? whom they are trying to fool? another point is why scare about the public exam, dont they want to evaluate their effectiveness of their teaching. then more subject means more employment,.is that not good? Why oppose it?

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