அந்த அமைச்சர் முக்கியமான துறைக்கு பொறுப்பானவர்.

அரசியல் செப்டம்பர் 22,2021 | 22:19 IST


அமைச்சர் மீது முதல்வருக்கு ஏன் இந்த கோபம்? அந்த அமைச்சர் முக்கியமான துறைக்கு பொறுப்பானவர்.

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seth , கனடா. 23-செப்-2021 | 02:21:36 IST Report Abuse

one of the viral twitter is asking a Delhi Journalist asking him whether he drank cow urine. The journalist is delhi based and very aged person by name Rajagopalan. I am not sure the minister spoke like that because of his anti-brahmin mentality or just his attitude but I have not seen any politician speaking like it. The irony is in one of the interview the Journalist spoke very endearingly about his father and how good Palinivel was. Of course I never expected better from Mr. Stalin but this is even for him a low stooping behaviour

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